About Us 

We are an American manufacturer of vending equipment; including our famous spiral gumball machines, super ball machines, and entertaining redemption games. Machines are made in a variety of colors and can be customized with ‘in-house produced’ graphics. Over the last 20 years we have manufactured thousands of machines; with many of them currently being used by a number of worldwide retailers. Custom colors, logos and artwork are our specialty. Our machines can be set up to accept US coins, foreign coins or tokens (standard or custom). In addition, we are a leading source for Gumballs, Prize Kits, Superballs, Plush and more. 

Who We Are

Ok Manufacturing was founded in the mid 1990’s by Kurt and Jeff Ostler in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2013 the company was purchased by three long time employees, Steve Haliday, Jerry Duke and Bob Olson. We are in the same building, with the same employees we have had for many years.

Steve has managed manufacturing for over two decades, Jerry is still over the accounting, and Bob remains in parts and customer service. It is our desire to continue to produce durable, high quality products and provide excellent customer service and technical support for our customers. 

Q: How do I drill out a lock?

A:  If you do this yourself you will need a variable speed drill, a center punch or 1/8" drill bit,
1/4" drill bit. You will also need protective eye wear while you operate the drill.
1. Place protective eye wear on.
2. Start with center punch or 1/8" drill bit, start small pilot hole in the lock center post so larger drill bit does not wander.
3. Change bit to 1/4" size and drill out center post.
4. Lock will fall off or apart after drilling about 7/8" to 1".
5. Remove coin door or top cap.
6. Unscrew brass portion of lock off rod.
7. Place new lock on.
If you do not have experience with a power drill or feel uncomfortable with this procedure, then do not attempt this procedure! Call an expert.

Q: How tight should I make my lock?

A:  The majority of lock problems are due to over tightening the lock. Please do not tighten the locks. The lock needs to be tightened just enough to be snug where the top cap or coin door does not wiggle or move loosely. Over tightening the lock only shortens the life span of the lock and can damage the tumblers or break the lock.

Q: Can you replace my Cylindrical Barrel Lock?

A:  Cylindrical Barrel Locks (most of which start with a 'G'- also known as vending style or screw down locks) are no longer available.  They can be replaced by a flat key dimple lock (LAI).

Q: Why is my coin mechanism turning backwards or giving free prizes?

A:  This only happens when the mechanism is broken.  Please call in to order a replacement mechanism. 

Q: I've got some light scratches on the globe or plastic shield of my machine.  What can I do?

A:  There are products available, such as Novus Scratch Remover, that are made for taking care of light scratches.  We recommend this type of scratch remover.  We don't recommend trying to sand down the scratches or using a torch as this may cause additional damage if not done properly.  Novus Scratch Remover is available at many hardware stores, automotive shops and online.

Q: Can you help me with my VIPS Machine?

A:  We no longer produce or support the VIPS Machine.  For support, please contact bob@gumball-depot.com

Q: Something is jamming my mechanism- what can I do?

A:  The coin mechanisms are designed so that if the wrong coin or a foreign object is inserted, the coin or object will pass through and no product will be vended.  If a foreign object becomes lodged, it will cause the mechanism to jam up.  Many times, this strains the mechanism and greatly shortens its life.  If you can pick the foreign object out, you may be able to save the mechanism and avoid early replacement.

Q: Do you sell replacement parts for your mechanisms or circuit boards?

A:  We do not. We purchase the mechanisms and circuit boards pre-assembled and only sell them as a complete unit.


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