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Ziggy Machine

Customers love the Ziggy!

Dependable operation and a large capacity globe will keep this a money maker for years.  You choose the vending amount, 50¢, 75¢, $1.00, or we can customize for, Tokens, Foreign Coins and Free Vend.

Dispenses 45mm or 49mm bouncy balls, 2" capsules or 2" gumballs.

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How it works: Simply insert the proper coinage, turn the knob and watch the prize enter the zig zag fall and bounce its way down to the bottom. 

Features & Specifications:
• Beaver coin mechanism: 
• Lexan (Polycarbonate) Globe 
• Capacity: 400 45mm or 49mm bouncy balls, 2” capsules, or 2” gumballs
• 90 Day manufacturer’s warranty
• Made in the USA
• Dimensions: 49"H x 17"W x 17"D
• Weight: 45 lbs.